A Different Kind of Breed Book

This is a book about the relationship between a dog and his owner and about affection between dog and man. But the book is also about admiration of the most majestic terrier of them all: the Airedale Terrier. This is a breed that has integrity and must be motivated, not commanded. An intelligent, strong willed breed that loves to communicate and has a sense of humor.

Through five chapters, the reader becomes acquainted with the breed and with several accomplished dog- and handler teams from all over the world. The book includes interviews with some of today’s most well known Airedale profiles as well as a collection of unusual and unique photography. The strength of some of the images is simply breathtaking.

The Airedale is an allround breed that can be trained in most dog sports and its beautiful appearance makes it a popular show dog. To show the variety that exists today within the breed, the book includes family dogs, companion dogs, hunting dogs and different kinds of working- and sporting dogs. The theme of the book is love, friendship and cooperation between dog and owner and between breeders and owners.

Concluding the journey is a look into Airedale collectibles and art such as paintings, clay sculptures, pottery, furniture and many other types of items.


After having read this book you will see that an Airedale Terrier is more than a dog. An Airedale is a demanding but affectionate friend, who will follow you through life and participate fully in everything you do with great inquisitiveness, energy and love for life.